Honor Fathers

Dr. Littleford went on an Alaskan fishing trip with two other men and his son, Mark. Landing their seaplane in a remote location they experienced a fishing event which can only be described as 'angler heaven.' At the end of the day the men and boy returned to their plane and found the receding tide had left it 23 feet from the water. They had no choice but to eat some of their fish and sleep in the plane. The night went without difficulty and when they awoke in the morning, the plane was floating freely. They fired up the engine and set off across the inlet. Unknown to any of them, one of the ship's pontoons had been punctured and had slowly been filling with water. The plane barely got airborne before the extra weight brought it down with a crash. Everyone escaped the wreckage intact, but they were not out of danger. They had to keep themselves afloat in the freezing water.

The two men who had come with Dr. Littleford struggled and eventually managed to make it to shore. Dr. Littleford's son had a rougher time of it. The current proved to be too strong for the 12-year-old boy. That left the doctor with a difficult choice. The doctor could make it to shore and save himself, or he could stay with his son and struggle against the water.

Those who knew the good doctor said there really never was a decision. The friends on shore report the last they saw of Dr. Littleford and his boy they were being swept out to sea, arm-in-arm. Later, the authorities in the Coast Guard would estimate father and son would have survived no more than an hour in the frigid sea. Hypothermia would have taken the boy first. Smaller in body size, Mark would have fallen asleep and died in his father's arms. It is my belief that such men, men like Dr. Littleford, need to be honored, as do all men who are, in the Name of Jesus, caring, compassionate, and consistent as they help their children to grow in faith and love for God. Thank God for your father. Thank your heavenly Father for giving His Son into death for our salvation.

Pastor Frahm