Weekly Devotion

Weekly devotional message from Pastor Frahm.

  • Words Are Very Powerful

    A married couple was about to have their first baby.  In the classes they took to prepare for this life-altering event, the wife came up with an idea.  Apparently she had heard from other … more

  • What is it that gives you joy?

    What is it that gives you joy?  My wife is babysitting our granddaughter in Gainesville.  She sent me a video of our one year old granddaughter trying to sing with my wife.  That gave … more

  • Because I Care

    It has often been said that people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.  Jesus was a caring person.  He cared about the woman caught in adultery.  He cared … more

  • What Influence are You Having on Others?

    This is one of my favorite stories.  Ted Stallard undoubtedly qualifies as the one of "the least." Turned off by school. Very sloppy in appearance. Expressionless. Unattractive. Even his teacher, … more

  • Persistence Pays Off

    My Hayward pool cleaner is limping again.  It is supposed to run!!  All it does is a slow crawl.  Two weeks ago I took it apart and found a spring was missing.  I went to the pool … more

  • The Gifts of Easter Can Build Your Hope

    In 1957, Lieutenant David Steeves walked out of the California Sierras 54 days after his Air Force trainer jet had disappeared. He related an unbelievable tale of how he had lived in a snowy … more